Conversion of S-Dream to US-Dream

Fanatec / Logitech / Trustmaster steering wheel mounting plate with fasteners.
The steering wheel mounting plate is our new US-Dream plate. You can also use it for the S-Dream. Simply remove the old 40x160 profile from your S-Dream and put on the new black plate.
This will make your old S-Dream look like our new US-Dream.

This kit contains:
-1 mounting plate
-4 Nut with Slotted Guide 8 I-Type [M8]
-4 Mounting screw for bracket 40 DIN 912 M8x16
-4 Washer DIN 9021

Suitable for :
-Fanatec Podium DD1 / DD2 wheel base
-Trustmaster T300 RS
-Logitech G920/G29

Material: Steel DC01
Link to the product in our shop: here