Profile 45x90L B-Type slot 10

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Product no.: 45x90L B-Typ Nut 10
Length: mm
(50-1980 mm)

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Mechanical Maker Pack
Thought for maker with chop saw for self-cutting.

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3 x 1000 mm
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3 x 1980 mm
3 x 500 mm
Our light aluminum profile 45x90 L in the B-type slot 10 has 6 slots with a width of 10 mm and a slot depth of 14 mm. The core is suitable for holding two M12 threads.

Product data aluminum profile 45x90 L B-type slot width 10 at a glance

Type: B type
Material: Anodized aluminum
Type: Standard (Open)
Open grooves: 6
Dimensions: 45x90
Groove width: 10 mm
Groove depth: 14 mm
Services: cutting, M12 thread

Save more with our Mechanical Maker Packs

Our maker packs for the strut profiles in 45x90 L are available in predefined lengths in a package and can be cut to size with a chop saw according to your own requirements.

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