Belt Tensioner for timing belt HTD 3M (locknut) - 3DP

Paket (10 units)
RYA (10 units)

0 pcs. available max.
Shipping time: 7 Weeks Exworks
3D Printed PET-G locknut for Belt Tensioner

Compatible with Open Timing Belt HTD3 9mm

PET-G 3D Printed Part

Additional component necessary for assembling:

1x 3D Printed Belt Tensor
1x 3D Printed Wedge for Belt Tensor
2x Screw DIN 912 - M5x40 or M5x45
2x Nut DIN 934 - M5
2x Spring washer DIN 7980 - M5

Optional component for fixing it to a profile Slot 5 Type-I or Slot 6 Type-B:
1x Spring washer DIN 7980 5

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