TR 10x4P2 Trapezoidal threaded spindle RPTS right

Select bar length: 500 mm 1000 mm 1980 mm


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(120-1980 mm)
Cut list:
(120-1980 mm)
(Supplied)(Not supplied)
Select desired length:
500 mm
1000 mm
1980 mm
Mechanical Maker Pack
Thought for maker with chop saw for self-cutting.

To Select:
10 x 1000 mm
10 x 1980 mm
10 x 500 mm
Technical data:
RPTS TR 10x4P2 right:
Thread: 10x4P2 right, rolled. according to ISO and DIN 103 2901/2903
Pitch (P): 4mm
Diameter (D): 10mm
Thread quality: 7e
Minimum dimension of flank lead diameter (D1): 8,716mm
Maximum dimension of flank lead diameter (D1): 8,929mm
Core diameter (D2): 6,90mm
Pitch angle: 8 ° 12 '
Pitch accuracy to 300mm: 300 microns
Weight (kg / m): 0,482 kg/m
Material: C35/C45
Straightness : 0,4 mm/300mm
Lengths are cut with a flex (sharp cutting edges are possible).

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