Precision shaft 14 mm h6 - steel - hardened and ground

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(140-1980 mm)

Select bar length: 1980 mm


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(140-1976 mm)
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(140-1976 mm)
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500 mm
1000 mm
1980 mm
Mechanical Maker Pack
Thought for maker with chop saw for self-cutting.

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10 x 1000 mm
10 x 1980 mm
10 x 500 mm

With this precision shaft, which has a diameter of 14 mm, a particularly high load capacity can be achieved in practice. In addition, the product offers a low coefficient of friction against plastic plain bearings and thus saves costs in the future. Furthermore, users can enjoy easy assembly and a favourable purchase price. The shaft is axed to the desired length before sale, whereby minor deviations may occur. The product is rounded off with a hardened and ground surface.

Product data precision shaft steel Ø14mm at a glance:

  • Diameter 14 mm

  • Weight = 1.208 kg/m

  • Roughness Ra = 0.3 µm, Rz = 1.6 µm

  • Depth of cure: min. 0.6 mm

  • Surface: hardened and ground

  • Hardness: HRc 60 +/-2

  • Roundness 5 µm

  • Parallelism: 8 µm / 1000 mm

  • Tolerance: h6

  • Delivery: Shaft will be axed to length (tolerance: +/- 1 mm)

  • Material: steel

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