Rail AR/HR25-N, L = 600mm

AR/HR guide rail.
This rail meets the industrial standard and they are well suited for use in milling machines, lathes and in handling technology.

Double-row profile guide rail made of tempering steel.
Case-hardened steel trolleys and tempering steel balls.
Weight of rail: 3020g/m

Total scraping of objects above 0.3mm Increase X-axis direction force capacity
Length of the Runner Block will not be increase Full lubrication contact with balls, suitable for short stroke movement.
All-Round lubrication holes system
Standard compact high dust proof seal Low friction non compact seal
Patented design of reverse operations
Quiet and prolong the service life
High Dynamic Load and High Load capabilities
Excellent dynamic performance: Vmax> 10 m/s amax > 500 m/s2
Guide rails can be screwed from above (screw head countersink).
Recommended screw size: DIN 912 M6

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