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Display configurator

(unmounted assembly kit)

Type of profile

P20I-L                        P20I-LR
P30B-L                        P30B-LR
P40I-L                        P40I-LR
P45B-L                        P45B-LR

Type of connector

3 way connector
Cube connector
Cover cap

Enter measures

Length (10cm-150cm)


P20 equivalent:P20 I-Type
P20x40 equivalent:P20x40 I-Type
P30 equivalent:P30 B-Type
P30x60 equivalent:P30x60 B-Type
P40 equivalent:P40 I-Type
P40x80 equivalent:P40x80 I-Type
P45 equivalent:P45L B-Type
P45x90 equivalent:P45x90L B-Type
P80 equivalent:P80L I-Type
P90 equivalent:P90L B-Type

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