Thema: He feels like 80-85 clip in FIFA 18

Work rate: Did I acknowledgment he was complex in about everything? He starts every attack, runs aback to advice with fifa 18 xbox one coins every arresting effort, and is consistently in the appropriate position for a shot, tackle, interception or pass. He's one of the a lot of ascendant players I've acclimated this year; you actually feel his attendance on the field, and he is actually a bold changer.

I don't apperceive what to say for his cons, because he didn'tt actually accept any for me. I was afraid that his clip adeptness be an issue, but he feels like 80-85 clip in game, and that's added than abundant for me. I was afraid his two-star abilities would be problematic, cheap fifa 18 coins and but his dribbling is fantastic. I accept the abandoned complete con he has is that he's a little harder to hotlink up with chem-wise.

But you could consistently just stick TOTS Mbodji and/or cMOTM Najar in there and be set.This is one of, if not the best, midfielders in the game. I cannot acclaim him abundant -- he's about flawless, and that's him on 5-chemistry as a aboriginal minute substitute. He devastates opponents in all areas of the field. He's complete advancing aback and traveling forward, fifa 18 ps coins and can do appealing abundant everything.

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